Custom Bass Guitar Strings

Bass Guitar Strings

We offer not only the popular gauges of electric bass strings for 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string bass, but we also give you the opportunity to mix-and-match your own custom set. No matter how many strings are on your bass or how you tune it, we’ve got you covered with Naked Strings. We make our bass strings to fit both 34” and 35” scale bass guitars. All bass strings are nickel-plated steel windings over a solid steel hex core. This classic combo provides superior punch and sustain.
Build your own custom electric bass string set

About Our Strings

At Naked Strings we are guitar and bass players. And we understand that your strings are the vital first link in your signal chain. Whether you are playing through complex racks of gear directly into a computer or plugging your guitar directly into a vintage tube amp, we’ve got you covered with strings made from the finest quality materials made in the USA with USA made steel. Our precision winding technique ensures that your wound strings will sing loud and proud and feature nickel plated steel windings over a hex core.
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